Nice legs!

Imagine you’ve arrived at that favourite anchorage, the one with the long sandy beach, only to find it chock-a-block crowded with large boats. No worries, as one of the wonderful things about a small boat is that you can sail right past all of those deep draught vessels and find a spot in shallow waters. Maybe the spot you choose to lay out your anchor is going to completely dry out in the night as the tide recedes? No problem with that either in a small craft, except the low tide will leave your boat at a jaunty angle to port or starboard – which may not be appreciated by the crew member sleeping beside you when you unexpectedly slide across the boat in the middle of the night and land on top of them!

Beaching legs are struts that attach to a boat’s hull and enable the boat to stand level on it’s own when the tide has gone out. I’ve wanted to make some for Quinque, so yesterday I gathered some tools and scavenged some wood and rowed the boat to a hard shale beach in Maple Bay.

Tools & wood & shale

In order to fit the legs, I needed access to Quinque’s underwater bottom, so I picked a tide cycle in the middle of the day and found a spot on the beach that looked relatively flat. I then waited for the tide to go out before getting to work.

Waiting (patiently?) for the tide to go out. A watched pot never boils…
Port side leg being fitted. Hey, this might just work!

Success! The new legs slid into place nicely under Quinque’s bilge keels. (Don’t tell Carmen, but they are made from the legs of a kitchen table I’m borrowing from her.)

All that is left to do is finish them with some paint and run some rope through them to prevent them from floating away between tides. I might also make some flat pads to fit underneath them for soupy mud conditions.

I was then faced with several hours before the tide would come in and return the boat to a floating state. Of course, I forgot to bring any food. After a couple hours, my stomach was telling me that a small dead fish that had washed ashore might be a possibility. Luckily I remembered I had a handful of Werther’s candies stashed in the boat from our last trip. 

Finding Nemo. “Repeat after me: fish are friends – not food.”
Idyllic location to be stuck for an afternoon

So there we have it! Some proper beaching legs for Quinque, and no one ate anything suspicious or starved to death in the process.

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