Blog #1: Anticipating the sailing season

Tanbarked, named, & numbered

Since acquiring Quinque in the late fall of 2018, Barb and I have been preparing the boat for the upcoming sailing season. I am actually enjoying working on a wooden boat again. I particularly like the small scale of Quinque compared to many of the previous boats I’ve owned. We’ve refreshed her rig with new lines and given her old blocks new sheaves. The interior has been cleaned and sanded and is ready for a mixture of boat sauce*. While Quinque’s original sails had fallen apart from many years of extensive sailing, the smiling whale crests remained intact, so I’ve incorporated them into a masthead burgee. I’ve also treated the new suit of sails to a process of tan-barking, so they are now a lovely red-brown color. They sport a large number ‘5’ as well. I’ve carved the boat’s name into the flip-side of the tiller-card, so it can be proudly displayed, or flipped down and hidden stealthily away in times of rogue maneuvers when one prefers to stay anonymous.

We’ve signed Quinque up to take part in the inaugural Salish 100. It’s a 100 mile small boat cruise starting in Olympia, Washington and ending in Port Townsend this June. With over a hundred boats registered it promises to be a really good time, sailing in the company of likeminded folks and their pretty boats to marine parks and cozy anchorages.

We’re also hoping to take part in the 2019 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival in September. This event never disappoints. It’s one of the best wooden boat get togethers in the world. Anyone want to join us for a pizza party on Quinque for the Saturday night?

*50% Tung oil, 25% Pine Tar, 25% Turpentine, a dollop of varnish, a splash of Japan Drier (Thanks for the recipe, Chad!)

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